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Mac Malware (viruses, adware, hijackers, trojans, search hijackers and toolbars) is on the rise! The notion that Mac is immune to malware infections is a fallacy; there simply wasn't enough profit for malware makers to target Macs. With more and more people making the change from Windows to Mac, malware makers are beginning to more aggressively - and successfully - target Mac users.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Flashback Virus Targeting Macs

A new virus called Flashback (aka Flashfake) is infecting mac computers. The Flashback virus specifically targets Macs and is designed to let hackers steal potentially valuable information such as financial account numbers , passwords and log-in credentials. Flashback is normally disguised as an update to Adobe Flash video viewing software. The best way to avoid getting infected with the Flashback virus is to avoid downloading files or clicking links from unknown sources. In order to keep your computer clean, we highly recommend that you install Kaspersky for Mac which comes with a free 1-month trial.

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  1. This program simply downloads itself and once downloaded, the malware’s creators gains unauthorized access to the victim’s computer.
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